Diet/Chemical Stress

Chemical stress includes poisons, toxins, pathogens, and poor food choices. We are biochemically killing ourselves with chemical toxins in our environment that find their way into our food and water supply along with chemicals that are allowed to be added to our food and water. Processed, fast and junk foods are nutritionally depleted and can act like a poison or an allergen to your body. Toxic build-up in the internal organs and systems of your body can impair function leading to reduced resistance, sickness, and disease. In the digestive system it can lead to a breakdown of the normal digestive flora which could cause improper absorption, internal toxic build-up, and poor cellular formation, leading to impaired function, lowered resistance and sickness.

Detoxification room
Detoxification room

Along with the ion cleanse detox we also utilize nutritional detoxification programs that are organ specific further enhancing the removal of environment toxins including metals, chemicals and food additives.

Nutritional Response Technique (NRT)

Nutritional Response Technique (NRT) is a comprehensive nutritional program based upon the work of Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., who received a US patent on his testing procedure in 1993 for imaging and diagnosis of the internal organs of a patient. It uses a muscle testing procedure that directly accesses the organs and systems through the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Freddie Ulan, utilizing these testing procedures, developed NRT, a non-diagnostic nutritional program that identifies the reasons a system or organ is weakened and what will support it back to health. NRT uncovers the underlying causes such as food sensitivity, toxic build-up from chemicals or metals, pathogens, or other less common causes. It is used to determine the treatment program which includes food and diet recommendations along with vitamins, herbs and homeopathic supplements based on each individual's needs. NRT identifies what is not working properly, why it is not working and what it will take to fix the problem.

Omura Patent
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Omura Patent Copy of Dr. Omura's original patent